Midnight, the Stars and You

Initiative tunnel

This is for notes.

Those you've met so far

Archibald Cropper. He’s smallish and silver-haired, thin, round wire glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. He looks every bit the Southern gentleman in a blue-and-white seersucker suit, with a red bow tie and white saddle oxfords. Your host at 432 Abercorn.

Eli Rainwater: Your co-host. A man standing at least 6-foot-6, whom you first met braving the south Georgia summer heat in a pinstripe business suit with black cowboy boots. His stoic visage is a coppery hue — the braided ponytail down his back suggesting Native American ancestry.

Molly: Early 20’s, probably. Spiked hair dyed black. Irish accent. Arms covered in sleeves of tattoos — punk, Celtic, and the Kevin Barry shoulder piece.

Mary: By appearances, Molly’s twin. Similar accent. Similar tattoos. But hair is Manic Panic red instead of black.

Mama Yvonne: Proprietor of Brighter Day Natural Foods. Rubensesque. Hippie Earth mother vibe.

Sister Abeke: Your guide in Oyotunji

Mr. Johnson: A medic who provides care in Oyotunji

Ayo: Mr. Johnson’s daughter, 10

Winslow Driggers — dark spirit. Captured and in a warehouse somewhere.

Oba Adekanmi — new leader of Oyotunji. Husband (seemingly) of Sister Abeke.

“Oxford Annie” — dark net contact of Austin’s, knowledgeable about the supernatural

Simon — homeless man met outside The Pirate’s House. Has a cell phone from Austin, who set him up with some free food in exchange for odd jobs at a local tavern.

Captain Flint: The spirit in residence at The Pirate’s House.

“Hannah”: a gothic pixie of a woman with an unsettling smile

Pig Man: apparent practitioner of dark medical experiments to create abnormal animal and human creatures

Enrique: practitioner of a dark version of Santeria, including blood magic. Associate of Miquel and Jose.

Jose (mentioned) — Isabelle’s ex-boyfriend

Miguel (mentioned) — friend of Jose and Enrique, allegedly Enrique’s contact to “Hannah”

Lucius — Teddy’s fishing buddy. Grumpy old homeless guy you met at the barbecue.

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