Robert Deen

Wiccan Hunter


Age: 45
Sex: Male

Strength: 77
Intelligence: 91
Wisdom: 81
Dexterity: 99
Constitution: 68
Charisma: 76


Robert Deen is a life long Savannah resident. His mother cones from money and is consider part of the upper class of the city’s society.

He has never been one to want to be part of that world but is not adverse to using that world and his connections to it if it helps him get results.

He has a degree from Oxford (England) in medieval religions. He then spent time traveling around Europe studding weapons seeking out people that are experts in all kinds of weapons. During that time he found a love for all weapons but decided to take a deeper study in non-firearms and is consider one of the foremost experts in that field.

After meeting a girl at Oxford who turned him on to the earth based religion Wicca he found what he though was a true path of faith for him.

He then helped found a circle in upper Scotland that is still active today. After returning to the US he traveled across North America seeking out Weapon experts and studding native religions.

He returned to Savannah after his 35th birthday when the health of his father was falling. After his Father death he was introduced to Kimberly Ann Song. The two of them dated on and off for months. She joined the Oak Grove Coven that Robert had founded soon after returning to Savannah. She served as his High Priestess until there split.

After dating for a year they married and moved into a family house in Savannah. For reasons unknown to the public they divorced and she moved away in 2012.

Robert Deen

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